Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become an indispensable tool in the field as well as the office. We are experts in geospatial technologies, mobile and web-based applications, and complex data exchange. Our unique approach to GIS is based on accuracy and accessibility. Our survey crews can locate and identify assets with extreme precision. This highly accurate data is then rolled into our GIS systems for easy and secure access and sharing. We employ a user-centric approach when designing our systems. Each application is customized to your specificic needs and work-flows, to ensure ease of use and fluid access. These ubiquitous solutions give you the ability to make more informed decisions, reduce mistakes, save money, improve efficiency, and increase the accuracy of your data.


Plan what you need

We work with you to tailor a system to fit your specific needs. This process can include a number of user-centric data gathering approaches including interviews, contextual inquiry, use cases, and focus groups. The more we learn about you and your requirements, the greater your return on investment.

Design a system to fit your needs

Our design process keeps you in the loop from start to finish. Using the data we have gathered, we can create system wireframes and prototypes to your exact specifications. Our process is iterative and interactive; we incorporate your feedback directly into our designs until one can fulfill all your needs.

Develop a state of the art solution

We utilize industry leading practices and technologies in every system we develop. These include the full suite of ArcGIS products from desktop to server, as well as various web APIs, including Flex, and JavaScript APIs (Esri, Google, Leaflet). Our systems can also be integrated into any existing or planned enterprise systems.


GIS Services

  • Mobile, Desktop and Web-Based Mapping Systems
  • Cartography
  • Data Maintenance, Collection and Creation
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Integration with Existing Systems

Mobile, Desktop and Web-Based Mapping Systems

Whether you need a simple, public-facing mapping app, or a robust, secure, enterprise-level spatial planning application, we can develop a solution for you. Our web-based mapping systems allow visualization and analysis of data to promote effective decision making at all levels of the organization. Our systems can integrate data from any number of sources and provide clear, clean, easy to use mapping interfaces that present information more effectively and efficiently. In our development processes, we can utilize a number of technologies to best fit your needs. These include cutting edge programming APIs, cloud-based architecture, and innovative security practices. Our web-based systems are fully secure, giving you precise and total control over who has access to the information. Some potential applications of these systems include: asset and facilities management, site location, routing and network analysis, vehicle tracking, market analysis, work order tracking, and natural resource management, among many others.


We are specialists in producing beautiful, easy to use maps and graphics for print and display in any size or format. Our cartographic expertise is employed on all of our products, including web-mapping interfaces, print maps, and graphics. In addition to interactive web mapping applications, we can create a number of static cartographic products: anything from a poster sized printed map to an image for a website. We can also produce maps designed for special purposes, such as color blind-friendly, or projector-ready.

Data Maintenance, Collection and Creation

The cornerstone of effective IT systems is good data. Whatever your data needs, we can find a solution. If you need data to bring into your system, we can help. Originally founded as a surveying firm, we are able to leverage our professional land surveying crews to collect data and find assets. This highly accurate information gives the systems we design an unprecedented level of spatial precision. If you already have data, but things aren't working quite right, let us help. We can process, analyze, convert and clean existing data.

Business and Systems Analysis

Want to get started with GIS but don't know how or where to begin? We offer a number of system and business analysis consultation services, such as needs assessments and cost benefit analyses (including return on investment calculations). Whether you need advice on implementing a new system or measuring the effectiveness of an existing system, we can give you a professional, impartial, and evidence-based consultation.

Project Management

We can manage any GIS or IT project you want to undertake. We can provide you with a number of management services including coordination, scheduling, reporting, documentation and even staffing. Whatever your project, we're eager to partner with you to make it a better experience.

Integration with Existing Systems

While our custom built systems are highly effective, we can further empower your organization by integrating legacy data into your newer systems. Our integration services include data extraction, conversion, transformation, and loading to integrate with the systems we build, or with any other system you have currently or are planning. By integrating more data within the same system, we make effective decision-making easier and more informed.